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Many people believe that filing any insurance claim after an accident, no matter how big or small, will lead to an increased car insurance rate. But we’re here to tell you that this belief is fiction and not a fact. At our Londonderry area Collision Center, we like to take the stress out of your hands after an accident by handling all negotiations with your insurance company.

But we don’t want you to put off getting your ride fixed because you’re afraid that your little fender bender will result in a hefty rate increase. We like you to be well informed though when it comes to the business with your insurance company. So here’s a quick rundown of factors that they’ll consider when determining your insurance rate.

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Fact or Fiction

– The Severity of the Accident

They are after all considered “accidents.” This is why no insurance company looks at two claims the same. From having a hazardous branch fall on your windshield to causing a major pileup, the severity of the incident is the most important factor when determining whether your accident will increase your rate.

– Driving History

Hey, our collision team serving Londonderry knows that we all haven’t always been the best of drivers. Just know that when it comes to car insurance companies, your history will follow you around. If you’ve been a model-driver without ever receiving a ticket or an accident, then a little mishap isn’t going to make your rate skyrocket.

– Who’s To Blame

Sometimes you’re just unlucky and in the wrong spot at the wrong time. If you were in the path of a reckless driver, you’re probably not going to see your rates rise because it wasn’t your fault. But if you were driving recklessly or while impaired, well then you can expect a rapid jump in rates.

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– Give Me The Details

In today’s world, many car insurance companies offer “accident forgiveness” for small claims. This means that you’ll often be able to file one or two small claims without it ever affecting your rates. But what accident forgiveness means to your insurance company depends on your policy, so be sure to fully understand and review the details.

There you have it, there’s never a reason not to notify your insurer of an incident, even if it was a minor one. Just remember, that we at Manchester Collision Center handle all negotiations, paperwork, and any hassle when it comes to your insurance company. Come on in to our Londonderry area Collision Center to start working with us today! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at (603) 634-0700.

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