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Hyundai Takes Home Pair of 2015 Consumer Guide Best Buy Awards!

2015 Hyundai GenesisThanks to a pair of exemplary vehicles, Hyundai has earned matching 2015 Best Buy awards from Consumer Guide Automotive for the new Genesis and Santa Fe/Santa Fe Sport models. Earning the awards in the large-car category and the midsize-crossover/SUV segment respectively, these dynamic vehicles truly illustrate the innovative path Hyundai has embraced. Delivering high-quality interior fittings and versatile features to match every lifestyle, these models serve as the ideal option for drivers across New England.

The two vehicles received praise for bringing drivers luxury accommodations, flexible options to suit an array of needs and prices that just don’t get much better. The 2015 Hyundai Genesis sedan was completely revamped for the new model year, with an emphasis on exceptional technology and crucial safety features. The new Hyundai Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport, on the other hand, boast fine-tuned performance and ample space in the cabin to accommodate a larger group with more adventurous demands.

“Consumer Guide Automotive is a trusted car buying resource and the ‘Best Buy’ recognition bolsters the strength of our 2015 lineup,” said Scott Margason, director of Product Planning at Hyundai Motor America in a release. “These awards are a testament to our continued commitment to delivering quality cars with leading design and performance at an unprecedented value.”

With a wide selection of both the Genesis and Santa Fe vehicles available at our Hyundai dealership near Bedford, drivers can rest assured they always have a plethora of quality choices. Representing the ideal blend of features and price, the award-winning Genesis and Santa Fe stand as excellent symbols to help lead Hyundai’s charge.  Regardless of which new Hyundai model you have your eye on, you can trust you’re getting behind the wheel of a reliable ride!

Next-Generation Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell-Powered Honda in the Works

Honda Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell CarInnovation is on the horizon, and Honda made it clear at this year’s Detroit Auto Show that it has no plans of slowing down its ground-breaking plans for the future. The automaker is looking to usher in a new era of innovation, all starting with its next-generation hydrogen-fuel-cell car. Aside from its clear eco-friendly benefits, the all-new vehicle will also come equipped with Honda’s first-ever turbocharged engine.

Scheduled for a 2016 release, the FCV Concept Car is expected to offer a refueling time of approximately three minutes and up to a 300-mile driving range. The cutting-edge components of the car will be packaged in a sleek body designed with aerodynamics in mind. You don’t have to worry about losing out on space either, as five passengers will be seated comfortably in the FCV Concept Car.

Honda already has one other fuel-cell vehicle on the market, the FCX Clarity, though it’s only leased to select drivers who live near the required hydrogen refueling stations in Southern California.Currently, there are only 12 hydrogen fueling stations, but as many as 50 are projected to be running by the time these the FCV Concept Car is ready to hit the road. The FCV will first debut in Japan in March of 2016 before Honda brings it over to U.S. soil.

It’s hard to tell when this eco-friendly new car will arrive in Massachusetts, however, we do have a wide selection of other efficient Honda vehicles already available at our Honda dealership in Plymouth. Speak with our staff about the benefits of buying or leasing a new Honda today, and schedule a test-drive in your favorite to see first-hand why so many drivers gravitate toward new Honda models.

New Ford Technology Designed to Predict Potential Spinouts

2015 Ford FocusWith a car full of family, friends and other precious cargo, you’re worried about safety on the road as it is, let alone when the snow builds up on the road ahead or the rain makes the highway slippery. New England drivers encounter slick conditions no matter what time of year it is, so having a vehicle that can adapt to New Hampshire’s tough weather is essential. With the all-new 2015 Ford Focus, which includes enhanced transitional stability technology,you’ll find that your vehicle looks out for you like never before. The technology is designed to predict potential spinouts and then intervene quickly to help prevent drivers from losing control.

“By recognizing scenarios that can lead to a potential loss of driver control before oversteer has developed, the enhanced transitional stability system is setting the recovery process in motion quicker than ever before — resulting in smoother, more refined control,” said David Messih, Brake Controls manager at Ford North America, in a release.

The innovative technology uses real-time sensor data to activate spinout-mitigating braking efforts from the electronic stability control system. Data from the system can anticipate a potential spin by 100 to 200 milliseconds. While you may be attentive on the road, it only takes a split second to end up in a harmful situation, so having the safety provided by a system like Ford’s new transitional stability technology could provide the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Visit our Ford dealership near Merrimack, NH, for insight on all the latest Ford technology and to schedule a test-drive in one of our 2015 Ford Focus cars today!

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