Nissan Fuses Together LEAF and Frontier Models, Creating Tiny Electric Pickup Truck

Nissan LEAF TruckEver wonder what would happen if you melded an eco-friendly small car and a large, powerful truck? Nissan was curious, too. And when you have the wherewithal to make it happen, why not try it out?

The tiny pickup, nicknamed “Sparky,” was built from the front-end of the Nissan LEAF and fused with the Frontier’s truck bed. The result was a unique-looking tiny electric pickup truck that appeared, well, surprisingly stylish. Although Nissan’s creation won’t be available for the public to buy, it certainly could open up the proverbial doors to the company’s future creative endeavors.

But Sparky wasn’t just made for fun. Nissan is using it as an eco-friendly alternative to a larger truck at their technical center in Arizona, where it was built to haul people and cargo through the 3,000-acre facility. It may have just been a fun experiment for the company, but the end result was an impressive vehicle that Nissan fans may actually want to get their hands on.

“We tried to keep it a secret,” said Roland Schellenberg, Nissan’s durability and reliability manager. “But we have visitors and they come and they see that truck and they go straight to ‘what is it?’ and they start looking at it, and it makes great conversation.”

While it might be some time before you can get your hands on your own electric pickup truck, it’s clear that Nissan has already made a commitment to eco-friendly cars their customers can drive off a lot now. So while you can’t get the keys to this unique LEAF-Frontier pickup truck, you can get behind the wheel of either a Nissan LEAF or a Nissan Frontier. Or, you can check out another eco-friendly model, like the Nissan Versa or Sentra sedan, both of which return nearly 40 mpg on the highway. Visit our Nissan dealership in Stratham today to set up a test-drive in your own fuel-efficient vehicle.

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