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“Upside” Trumps “Poolside” in Ford Vs. Cadillac Ad Battle

Recently, you might have seen the “Poolside” commercial for the Cadillac ELR coupe. The slick ad stars Neal McDonough as a confident and aggressive self-made man who values the hard work he’s put in and all the material possessions he’s earned as a result.

What you may not have seen is the clever, shot-for-shot parody commercial Ford made, entitled “Upside,” which spotlights a plug-in hybrid car for a driver who has a slightly different set of priorities.

Ford’s ad stars Pashon Murray, who is the founder of sustainable agriculture organization Detroit Dirt and who represents a considerably humbler financial demographic – and one with more ecological motivations – than her Cadillac-driving counterpart. Detroit Dirt is in fact a real company, one that recycles organic garbage, like food scraps and manure, into compost to promote greener living. “Upshot” is a great send-up that features a more eco-friendly vehicle in the Ford C-Max, a playful advertising jab at Cadillac and a generous helping of “sass.” Check out the ad below!

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