Ford, 3D Systems Produce 2015 Ford Mustang-Shaped Chocolates

Ford Makes History with 3D-Printed 2015 Mustang Chocolates for Valentine’s Day (Video)

The 2015 Ford Mustang may not be out yet, but Ford did release a miniature placeholder in time for Valentine’s Day: Mustang-shaped candies.

Ford partnered with 3D printing and manufacturing firm 3D Systems to produce chocolate and peppermint 2015 Ford Mustang candies. The two companies made history in the process by creating the first-ever edible 3D-printed cars.

“Ford Mustang and chocolate is a recipe for success,” said Mark Bentley, Ford product licensing manager. “It is so exciting to see how these technologies enable a new way of telling a brand story.”

The 4-by-2-inch candies are not available for U.S. Mustang-chocolate fans at the moment, but in the future, Ford may create an application that would allow people to produce Mustang-shaped candies on their own. Ford noted that the chocolates were produced partly to highlight the Mustang’s upcoming 50th anniversary, as well as to highlight the fact that Ford used 3D printing to design some of the prototype parts for the 2015 Mustang.

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