Ford Edge Concept Vehicle Features Self-Parking Technology

New Ford Edge Concept Includes Self-Parking System

Ford Edge Concept Vehicle Features Self-Parking Technology

The evolution of technology has been on a steep incline for years now, and many industries have been affected

from top to bottom – including the automotive industry. Just by inside some of the newer models at our NH Ford dealership, for instance, you’ll find a navigation system, Bluetooth, Pandora compatibility and rearview camera in the cabin … and some or all of those features even come standard!

While teleportation isn’t around the corner – at least not yet – self-driving technology does appear to be imminent. Ford recently unveiled its own plans for autonomous driving technology at the Los Angeles Auto Show, headlined by a Ford Edge Concept vehicle that includes, among other capabilities, a self-parking system.

Let’s take a deeper look into two of the technologies featured in the Ford Edge Concept vehicle:

1. Fully Assisted Parking Aid System

If parking is your driving nemesis, you have some good news coming your way. Parking your new Ford Edge could soon require one simple motion: pushing a button! The fully assisted parking aid system, which used ultrasonic sensors, would be able to park your Ford Edge in a perpendicular spot by itself.

But that’s not all. Have you ever returned to your car after a long day of shopping, only to find that the vehicle to your left has parked so closely you can’t even open the driver-side door? Not to worry. You can trigger the parking aid system remotely, which will then pull out of the spot on its own, allowing you to get into your vehicle with plenty of room to spare.

2. Advanced Obstacle Avoidance System

Ever been forced to swerve out of the way of stationary or slow-moving objects in the road? The Ford Edge Concept vehicle featured an obstacle avoidance system that would alert the driver anytime there is an object in your way. Therefore, if it’s dark outside and you can’t see where it is, this system will be able to automatically brake and/or steer past the object by itself.

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