VW Passat Adds Guinness World Record to Resume

The Volkswagen Passat TDI is not a hybrid, but that hasn’t stopped it from going toe-to-toe with the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the United States.

The sixth-generation VW Passat recently added another accolade to its already impressive resume – this time in the form of a Guinness World Record. The Passat TDI Clean Diesel set a new benchmark for the lowest fuel consumption by a non-hybrid car while traveling to all 48 continental states.

Wayne Gerdes, founder of CleanMPG.com, who did most of the driving during the 18-day cross-country trip, had this to say about the accomplishment:

“We felt we had a good chance of beating the existing record with the Passat TDI, but to smash it by averaging 77.99 mpg is really impressive and a testament to the potential of Volkswagen’s TDI Clean Diesel vehicles.”

The Volkswagen Passat, which is available in several trims at our New Hampshire VW dealership, displayed unprecedented fuel efficiency for hybrid and non-hybrid cars alike. The 2013 Passat TDI required only 104.9 gallons to cover 8,122 miles, surpassing the previous non-hybrid vehicle record by more than 10 mpg and the hybrid record by more than 13 mpg.

Many people want a car that combines style with fuel efficiency and, if this latest achievement is any indication, no vehicle does that better than the Volkswagen Passat TDI.

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