Nissan: Where Sculpture Meets Car Design

The team from The Dashboard, Nissan’s weekly program on the relationship between cars, people and technology, made a visit to Nissan Technical Center in Japan to explore a fascinating step in the process of car design: clay modeling.

Working in conjunction with 3-D computer-aided design models, a team of sculptors painstakingly applies a layer of specially formulated clay over a full-scale model. This hands-on approach means that clay modelers can spend hundreds of hours refining and improving preliminary designs, turning cars into true works of art. In fact, they consider themselves “sculptors,” and rightly so.

Japan takes pride in its culture of meticulous craftsmanship and precision work, so you would think the finalized models are treasured and displayed for people to admire the results. No such luck! Sadly for the sculptors who brought them to life, all models are destroyed once the car goes into production.

Watch the video above that details this process, and next time you visit our Massachusetts Nissan dealership, you’ll know that the reason our vehicles are so stylish is because a real artist crafted every beautiful line and element that catches your eye.

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