Customized Nissan GT-R Breaks the Quarter-Mile Record

The apocalypse may pass without a zombie outbreak, but if it ever happens, one Nissan model would be the perfect escape car.

This version of the Nissan GT-R, featured in the video above, recently set a world record with an 8.61-second quarter mile, reaching a speed of 170.47 mph in the process.

The car was modified by Tym Switzer, head of Switzer Performance, and ShepTrans founder John Shepherd, who was also at the wheel. The two car specialists customized their Nissan GT-R through a number of alterations that resulted in approximately 1,300 horsepower.

The engine operated using E85 (ethanol fuel blend), and a lithium-ion battery, which is significantly lighter than the stock battery, was used to cut weight. Switzer and Shepherd then took the GT-R to a local race track, where it unexpectedly set the quarter-mile record. Amazingly, it is still technically street legal.

While you might not be able to buy a car quite like the one Switzer and Shepherd put together, you can find a sports car by visiting our New Hampshire Nissan dealership today. We have a number of models in our inventory, like the Nissan 370Z, that would manage the zombie apocalypse just fine.

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